Sunday, December 31, 2006

A bit of MDF and a bruised thumb

This morning the shed window was finally patched up, and the empty plant pots and bits of old wire are safe from the local hoi polloi. It is, admittedly, not the most scenic of windows, but in my opinion far more practical; afterall, what is the point of a padlock when the plastic window can be simply pushed in?

As with all the simplest DIY tasks, they quickly become a chore in my hands; for every nail that was successfully banged into the MDF at least a dozen fell to the floor and my poor thumbs were beaten to near submission.

But at least I can go out tonight without worrying about the weather attacking the shed, and the New Year can be spent on the much more enjoyable task of planning the future produce!

Friday, December 15, 2006

A Suicidal Shed?

Was it just the wind? Or was the shed trying to kill itself after being ignored for too long?

Yesterday, or some time in the past couple of days, our shed blew over. The image of the shed that we had in our minds from the last time we saw it did not prepare us for the devestation that greeted us after we quickly responded to the phonecall from the allotment supervisor:

Where I am standing (the floating circle of white on the may be best to enlarge the photo) is where the shed was originally!
The composter, selflessly broke the shed's fall:

And miraculously the shed escaped virtually unscathed!!!! Although the manouverings it must have made to get in that particular position are most confusing.

The window fell out, but that is can only have been put together with 'pure craftmanship'!
We managed to get the shed upright, and move it back to its original position; where it is now weighted down with breeze blocks and black bags filled with dirt:
Rather than blowing it over, the wind will now have to rip it from its base!