Friday, March 28, 2008

A very productive Tuesday

Following the extensive propagating work on the Monday, we managed an equally productive Tuesday resulting in numerous photographs of mud.
Mud covering peas and beans:

Mud covering lettuce seeds:

Mud covering carrot and parsnip seeds (can you tell Emma planted them in the wrong rows?):

Emma also planted a primrose:

Whilst I attacked the tree with a saw to stop its over-shadowing shenanigans:

Very productive and photogenic.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Propagating Again!

Last time we tried propagating it didn't quite go to plan, although that was almost 2 years ago and I am hopeful that this time we will be more successful.

We have started to propagate tomatoes, butternut squashes, cucumbers, and courgettes.

Whilst the planting all went to plan (with the help of our new ABC tablecloth), the lack of a sprinkling watering-can did cause blood to be shed. To provide the sprinkling effect holes were dug into the cap of a plastic bottle. Unfortunately the corkscrew also dug a hole in my finger:

Luckily there are few flesh wounds that a monster plaster can't cure.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Wild flowers...hopefully

Only a few hours after the last post showing a rectangle of mud on the allotment, another rectangle of mud:

Whilst it may look like Emma's shallow grave, it is actually a flower bed where Emma has been sowing wild flowers (if that is not a contradiction).

There seems to be loads to do on the allotment at the moment, and whilst we got some carrots and parsnips sowed there are loads of bits and pieces we need to start potting indoors (something that has not worked particularly well previously).

Everyone seems to be in the same situation, and the allotments were busy despite the rather miserable weather, so we chose to do the neighbourly thing and not play the radio. Really we should try to get up there earlier.

The world's laziest blogger?

To ease the process of blogging I have taken to sending photos of the plot directly to my email account via MMS, so that I don't have to worry about resizing the images or uploading them to the computer. Nonetheless I have still failed to blog last weeks work on the allotment, and I am therefore making a very short post before heading back to the allotment in a few minutes.

Whilst the picture may look like a square of mud, it actually represents a lot of digging and planting. In a few months this will represent a flood of Jerusalem artichokes and potatoes...possibly.