Sunday, July 01, 2007

Catching up on the allotment

With the PhD thesis refusing to be finished Emma has been doing sterling work on the allotment...although in truth she hasn't liked spending too long up there without me. This blog includes a number of photos that she has taken over the last couple of months that I have been too lazy/busy to blog about.

The loganberry bush is growing well, and since this photo was taken (8th May) there has even been the appearance of a couple of berries!

..and the broad beans which showed no sign of beans in this photo (28th May) have since become over-burdened!

The beginning of June also saw exciting growth in both the Jerusalem Artichokes....

...and the parsnips, carrots, beetroot.

Unfortunately the lack of my influence on the allotment was beginning to tell at this point:

We have spent the last couple of days working hard on clearing some of these weeds, and underneath there are lots of Emma's flowers:

We even got as far as planting some spring onions:

Although the spring onions should have been in by the end of June, we are hoping they won't notice the difference.

....and now I am up to date and exhausted from such a long (and probably rather boring) blog.