Sunday, July 23, 2006

5-A-Day and all that...

Sometimes we go to the allotment and apart from a little hoeing and pulling up the odd lettuce...which were only worthy of mentioning the first time... there is little to report to the blog; on other days, like yesterday, there seems to be 2 or 3 entries worth!

As stated in Monday's entry, we planned to get on top of everything this weekend, and in true David and Emma style this resulted in our strolling up to the allotment at 5pm. Despite this lacklustre start we managed to finally put the shed on the slabs!

Impressive when you consider it was achieved through the my tipping the shed and kicking at the slabs whilst Emma pushed them...very professional.

We also managed to plant some rocket under a thin fleece; this will hopefully protect it from the flea beetle which gave the last lot such a hammering.

So, as we dragged our aching bodies back through our front door at 10pm did we think it was all worth the hassle? Well, we also brought back 5 different sorts of rather muddy vegetables, so we were quite pleased with our lot...especially Emma who has been waiting months to start pickling the beetroot.

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