Saturday, August 25, 2007

Beautiful beetroot sandwiches on the allotment

When we first took on the allotment we thought that there would be plenty of occassions when we could spend our weekends there enjoying the weather, the view, and whatever book we were reading at the time; just doing a bit of light weeding and watering. Unfortunately the allotment has rarely managed to get to the 'bit of light weeding and watering' stage, and on those occassions it has, the weather is either rubbish, or we have had something else that needs to be done.

However, we just got to spend a very enjoyable day at the allotment. Enjoying the weather, not killing ourselves to do anything specific, or having to rush off anywhere else...and the highlight was the opportunity to have some of Emma's freshly pickled beetroot:

Everyone should have an allotment on days like this.

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