Thursday, March 29, 2007

No more letters from the council...yet....

The deadline for us to have cleared the allotment of weeds passed on Monday, and as yet there have been no more nasty letters threatening us with eviction. This is probably due to all the planting we did at the end of last week.

(It has taken until now to make a blog posting due to the silly old PhD write-up getting in the way)

We have planted:
A gooseberry bush

A blueberry bush:

An olive tree:

And some broad beans and some peas:

The huge metal poles for the broad beans have been selected in the recycling spirit of allotmenteers...they were found amongst the rubbish that was left on the allotment. Unfortunately they are about 10 foot long, so had to dig a hole about 4 foot deep so they wouldn't fall on anybody's head.

After planting the olive tree we did wonder why we had planted it in a pot rather than straight into the ground....especially as it looks such a small pot in the photo...but the packaging said it was an option, and I can assure all worried readers that the pot is much larger than it looks in the photo!

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