Saturday, March 17, 2007

What weeds?

A letter arrived from the council at the end of February:

The highlights of which include
"plot...neglected...clear...of weeds...[or]...notice to quit"!!
In fairness the plot is looking a bit run-down:

But in our defence, we have been waiting for the onset of spring before digging it all over and planting lots of exciting bits and pieces!
Anyway, last week we dug up over half the allotment ready for planting (unfortunately I am not allowed to be a full-time gentleman gardener/blogger until my PhD is finished, so this is the first opportunity I have had to make a posting).

There is still lots to do before the March 25th deadline, but there have been definate inroads made; and yesterday saw a lunchtime trip to Woolworths result in lots of bargain seeds and plants ready for planting, so we are looking forward to another hard-working weekend...just as soon as I finish this entry...

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